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Jonathan Barker

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Film Directors

To have an excellent creative leader is aside from the script, the most crucial part for a successful film.

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Get the right script done. A good script is the only chance to create a good film. Period!

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We have a pool of good producers. If you need a full blood producer or a line producer we have them.

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Director of Photography

A lot of people call themseves DP’s now even they are barley lighting cameraman. We have the real deals!

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aka Lighting cameraman. We have a good selection. We also have cameraops.

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Art Directors

You need an amazing set? We got hte right people at hand. We also have propmasters.

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Costume Designers

Most expirienced designers and wild new once are here.

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Masters of Light, etc

Gaffer, Lightmaster how ever you like to call them - We have the creative selection.

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Key Grips

Built the directors dreams to move the camera or just fix it on something that seems to be impossile - we have the guy.

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Sound Department

Often underestimated and even more often regreted afterwards. We have a pool of sound masters that help you.

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Makeup Artist

Most expirienced designers and wild new once are here.

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A pool of great guys that make the right cut.


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